Feat. Dylan

Published on 7 May 2022 at 12:09

Another project that didn’t come exactly come to fruition. Oh boy, I sense a reoccurring theme here. Anyways I had the chance to talk to some very talented artists and musicians. Young local heroes grinding out fantastic music far away from the spotlight of Hilversum. They shared their time and their favorite music. Time to feature them and share them with you.

Featuring Dylan van de Grift

Dylan has been featured before in my blogs. Our first encounter [EAT YOUR VEGETABLES] where I made quick & dirty portraits of him and the band, or later covering one or two of their gigs in town [HIT THE CITY]

Originally from Zeeland, Dylan moved to Eindhoven for his studies and pursuit a career in the music industry.  He keeps himself occupied playing as a bassist in a number of bands, most predominantly in Eindhovens very own Vitamin B12. A hippy trippy band rooted in heavy rock’n roll reminiscent of the big acts from the 70’s. 

Last year we met up for an interview at his place on the outskirts of the city. Whilst sipping on White Russians we talked about music, careers, ambitions and life in general. And there next to the bonfire. Stinking up our clothes. It became pretty clear that the kid that used to live next to the sea is able to root pretty well on our arid inland soil.

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