Feat. Lisa

Published on 1 April 2022 at 16:24

Another project that didn’t come exactly come to fruition. Oh boy, I sense a reoccurring theme here. Anyways I had the chance to talk to some very talented artists and musicians. Young local heroes grinding out fantastic music far away from the spotlight of Hilversum. They shared their time and their favorite music. Time to feature them and share them with you.

Featuring Lisa van Nes

Waiting in the doorway on a warm may afternoon stands Lisa. With her arms crossed leaning against the doorpost. She smiles as she welcomes me in. 

I follow a pair of flowery dungarees into a dormitory with a tall ceiling, tall bed, and tall windows. By the couch sits a record player and shelves stuffed with vinyl. We’d agreed to record a podcast and shoot portraits to accompany it. 

So I’m kind of bummed out on myself for not seeing this project through. We talked music, she put on a few records, and overall it was a nice conversation. Sadly it won’t ever see the light of day. Heck. The pictures turned out alright. 

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