Oh jij lelijk plein beton

Dat s' avonds de zon je wil kussen

Statig wijs je naar stenen façades

En koester je de vlam van vrijheid

God dank voor dat tuig op wieltjes

Want jij draagt haar vaandel niet

Zij zijn vogelvrij 

En jij..

On Stad-Thuis-Plein

Skaters are a particular group of people.  They know the streets unlike any other. Each one of them is more athletic than you or I will ever be and they will drink you under the table. No doubt on that last fact. Stadhuisplein is their go-to spot in Eindhoven. It doesn’t have the best ledges or rails, some of the skaters refer to it as ‘boring,’ but it’s spacious and nicely centralized right in front of City hall. For months on end during the summer the local skaters inhabit the square. Lounging on concrete benches until long after the sun has crossed the horizon and kissed the top of City hall. During the summer of 2021, the skateboarders were free at Stadhuisplein. They were at home. Free from society and the worries of a global pandemic.  An endless summer of unrestricted selflessness and expression on the pavement.


From the months of April until July I followed these young men and photographed their life at Stadhuisplein. One subject, one location, countless moments. Special thanks to Jeroen & Roos from 100% skateboardshop. Also, a thank you to Jasper & Sjors for welcoming me.