Feat. Stijn

Published on 26 January 2022 at 21:34

Another project that didn’t come exactly come to fruition. Oh boy, I sense a reoccurring theme here. Anyways I had the chance to talk to some very talented artists and musicians. Young local heroes grinding out fantastic music far away from the spotlight of Hilversum. They shared their time and their favorite music. Time to feature them and share them with you.

Featuring Stijn Hazewinkel

Out of all the musicians I know Stijn Hazewinkel is one of the few I consider to be ‘the real deal.’  We met one another a few years back in a sound engineering course and from the start, it was clear Stijn has a vision. Together with his brother Mark, they started a studio in Tilburg and Stijn currently assists and teaches at the course we first met. Back in April 2021 we met up and had a chat about his inspirations and love for music.

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