Feat. Loet

Published on 23 October 2021 at 12:56

Location & Time: April 3d 2021 - Mierlo, The Netherlands

Artist: Loet Braamkolk

Another project that didn’t come exactly come to fruition. Oh boy, I sense a reoccurring theme here. Anyways I had the chance to talk to some very talented artists and musicians. Young local heroes grinding out fantastic music far away from the spotlight of Hilversum. They shared their time and their favorite music. Time to feature them and share them with you. 

Featuring Loet Braamkolk

The first time I met Loet we were backstage at a gig in Eindhoven. He struck me as a kind reserved kid with an unfiltered enthusiasm for hard rock and roll. Our bands hit it off and we stayed in touch ever since. Well, that was years ago, since then I fully quit the music game. Loet on the other hand doubled down. Hard. 

So in April I drove up to Mierlo and we had a chat. We talked about recording gear, the merits of vinyl, and what music influenced him over the years. The long lanky kid I knew from ways back hasn’t lost a smidge of enthusiasm and can now back it with some real in-depth know-how. It was a pleasure hanging out with Loet. 

As of publishing this short article Loet is active in Severant & De Gevreesde Ziekte. Different bands, different genres, both heavy as. Go check them out.

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