Feat. Aviaja

Published on 10 October 2021 at 20:46

Artist: Aviaja Leer Young

Location & Time: June 6th 2020 - Dromana, VIC Australia

During my stay in Australia I started a project where I’d meet up with new upcoming artists in-/around Melbourne & The Mornington Peninsula. Though the idea is to follow up with these creatives and still is. I’d like to feature them here, now. 

If this peaks your interest. Contact me or the featured artist directly. Links are provided in the article.

Feat. Aviaja Leer Young

It’s funny what your mind holds on to when in pain. Black latex gloves. Tissues. Sanitizers. Needles. Fear.  Not the remarkably professional teen marking your skin in peak concentration. Or her friend who’s as young as her and covered in more ink than most blokes in prison. Or the simple fact you are in a teenager’s room getting a tattoo. ‘Enough said. Right?


Not quite, no. When talking to Aviaja in person it struck me she was rather mature for her age and a real go-getter. She started her practice in her final year in school. Tattooing schoolmates with full consent from the teaching staff and the support from her parents. Not your everyday school project. And so it quickly dawned on me, Aviaja is not your everyday sorta gal. The walls in her room are plastered with her own original character and designs. Next to photographs of childhood memories, wishful notes & keepsakes. Her canvas is living skin and so she most literally pokes her art into life. Her character walk among us. Leaving trails like breadcrumbs in this weird fairytale we call life.

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