Feat. Giovanna

Published on 5 September 2021 at 20:26

Artist: Giovanna Da Silva

Location & Time: April xxth 2020 - Melbourne, VIC Australia

During my stay in Australia I started a project where I’d meet up with new upcoming artists in-/around Melbourne & The Mornington Peninsula. Though the idea is to follow up with these creatives and still is. I’d like to feature them here, now. 

If this peaks your interest. Contact me or the featured artist directly. Links are provided in the article.

Feat. Giovanna Da Silva

Right at the heart of St.Kilda sits a little enclave. An unassuming industrial building housing Australian artists that call Melbourne their home. Giovanna decided to meet up with me here at her studio. Late in the afternoon, I arrived. It might have been a Friday, it just as easily could have been any other day of the week. ‘till that point I was traveled non-stop for 5 weeks straight. Needless to say, I lost track of time.


And talking about time. Miss threecircles’ art is timeless. Literally. Her designs are reminiscent of Amazonian tribal art mixed with the new school uncleanliness and abstraction of modern-day life in the big smoke. Bridging the worlds of man and nature with psychedelic symbolism on canvas, walls, clothes and what have you. During my short little visit, Giovanna worked on one of her pieces. Sipping on a german beer in between sentences and brush strokes clasping the paint pot in her other hand. She told me about her Brazillian roots while friends and other artists were free to walk in and out of her workspace. A paint-splattered square box with high ceilings and a large table near the end. A cold room were it not for the young woman inhabiting it. All in all, Giovanna is a delight. Her talent speaks and she has a bright future ahead. Of that I’m certain.

C. 'Knee' deep in paint

C. Kneeling behind the canvas

C. Envirormental portrait Giovanna Da Silva

Where to find Giovanna & more

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