Feat. Kynen

Published on 17 August 2021 at 21:00

Location & Time: May 6th 2020 - Melbourne, VIC Australia

Artist: Kynen Teesdale


During my stay in Australia I started a project where I’d meet up with new upcoming artists in-/around Melbourne & The Mornington Peninsula. Though the idea is to follow up with these creatives and still is. I’d like to feature them here, now. 

If this peaks your interest. Contact me or the featured artist directly. Links are provided in the article.

Feat. Kynen Teesdale

Long chestnut hair, olive skin, tight jeans and a black motorcycle jacket ornamented with colorful buttons. Kynen straight up looks like a rockstar. In addition to the stylish exterior you will find Kye is a young man with wit and substance. A real melburnian in the flesh and one with a big SLR slung around his neck.


While walking through the grounds of Melbourne Uni Kye told me about his experiences living and studying in his hometown. 

Stories how he and his girlfriend frequently would host bands and other artists in their apartment. Going along to gigs in sweaty clubs and mingling in Melbourne’s rich music scene. Consequently finding himself wedged in one of the more creative and bustling artistic environments in the country.  Armed with his trusty SLR, flash and a few rolls of 35mm film, he documents a lot of this.  In the process disregarding many of the conventions of photography thus carving his own route and visual signature.

C. Portrait of Kynen 

C. Portrait of Kynen

C. Walking past one of the faculties of Melbourne Uni

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