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Published on 1 August 2021 at 18:54

Location & Time: April 29th 2020 - Dromana, VIC Australia

Artist: Nathaniel A.K.A Oldmatee788


During my stay in Australia I started a project where I’d meet up with new upcoming artists in-/around Melbourne & The Mornington Peninsula. Though the idea is to follow up with these creatives and still is. I’d like to feature them here, now. 

If this peaks your interest. Contact me or the featured artist directly. Links are provided in the article.

Featuring Nathaniel

Nate can best be described as a modern day wizard. Sure he doesn’t wear robes or sport a pointy hat. Yet the visuals he creates are magic. Somehow he mixes, connects and utterly transforms modern and dated technology to fit his creative needs. VHS machines, synthesizers, midi controllers, TV’s and computers. Name it and Nate probably experimented with it.


Being deeply ingrained in Australian youth culture and the music scene around Melbourne. Nate would regularly lend himself to live music acts at festivals or do performances on his own before the lockdown. He keenly talked about the adventures or ‘’mish’’ he and his friends got up too. For example, driving up to Melbourne from the Peninsula to catch a live performance. Figuring out the details along the way.  Though he did miss the liberties australian youth experienced pre-lockdown. Nate is determined to continue experimenting. 

Now from home instead of the big smoke.

C. VHS madness FY

C. Nate working the software to controll the visuals 

Where to find Nate & more

C. Projection on the wall

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