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Published on 20 July 2021 at 22:32

Location & Time: April 26th 2020 - Dromana, VIC Australia

Artist: Shan Primrose


During my stay in Australia I started a project where I’d meet up with new upcoming artists in-/around Melbourne & The Mornington Peninsula. Though the idea is to follow up with these creatives and still is. I’d like to feature them here, now. 

If this peaks your interest. Contact me or the featured artist directly. Links are provided in the article.

Featuring Shan Primrose

Shan is a visual artist now based in Melbourne, Australia. When we met back in April of 2020 I was immediately impressed by her expressive nature and lively mannerisms. Her art ranges from impressionistic to pseudo pop and frequently borders the sur-realistic. Drawing inspiration from childhood cartoon shows, her identity and life experiences.

C. Shan & her greyhound Angelica on the porch of the old residence in Dromana.

Her medium of choice is acrylic paint or digital, either boasting bright saturated colors displaying a variety of subject matters. On the surface, Shan and her work are upbeat and easily relatable for anyone born after the 80’s. Though that would only be the case skin deep. Noteably Shan manages to convey personal and cultural struggles. Moreover she advocates for mental health, gender equality and anti-racism.

C. Portrait of Shan Primrose during the interview.

Where to find Shan & more

C. Looking for Angelica. 

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