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Published on 17 February 2023 at 12:29

Again more of ‘not the same’ as a blog entry. A couple of weeks back I found my old illustration portfolio which I hadn’t seen in years. In 2015, I applied to AKV Sint Joost for a bachelor's course in illustration. At the time, I was 21, had already dropped out of college once, and felt utterly lost. So how about Art School? Seemed like a bright idea at the time. At least I was motivated. Motivated enough to create this small body of work on A4 bleached print paper. Clearly, I didn’t know shit back then (and still don’t now, but that’s beside the point). The only thing that was clear to me is that I aspired to be an artist. Whatever that meant. 

The work got me accepted and to no one's surprise, I flunked & dropped out a few months later. Yeah, I wasn’t having a great time and this ties in perfectly with these illustrations. 

‘Verankered,’ or ‘Anchored,’ addresses the themes & feelings I was dealing with. The illustrations serve as an analogy. Each work on its own ‘representing’ a certain feeling or thought, and together constructing a narrative of feeling stuck or ‘Anchored.’ 

Anchored, illustration portfolio from 2015-2016

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