Blog: Pins and needles

Published on 29 October 2023 at 13:45

Pins & needles; or how distance facilitates growth

After long consideration, I’ve decided to continue with this website. A lot has changed in the past year and a half for the better in my personal life, and now I feel ready to start sharing and exhibiting (online) again. You see, most of my life I live offline. Apart from binging YouTube videos and checking my email, I have no interest in the online world. Especially in the online photography world. That doesn’t mean I am not aware. Frankly, I just find it very formulaic, dull, and creatively very counterintuitive. No hostilities though! I mean dig what you wanna dig man.  You do you. Alright, what does this have to do with the website?  Nothing much really. It just really surprises me the sorta stuff people engage with online is utter dog shite.  So I guess the name [domjoch] still fits. Next year I’ll be 30 years old, but I am still that dumb kid holding a camera. Nothing has changed…much. I found love. I found direction. I found room to grow. As a person & as a photographer. Time off from the website allowed me to assess the situation. It helped me realize I had grown dull and numb. It gave me time to look around and see that everyone on some sort of level is struggling with similar issues. Whether we all know it or not. It has become very clear to me that whatever the online-/ professional photography world considers ‘normal’, ‘accepted’, or ‘the way to go about it’ doesn’t work [for me]. I don’t care if I’ll ever have a career. I don’t care - I just don’t. I care about the people around me & that very much includes the people I photograph. I care about expressing myself and having the liberty to do that in a way that suits me. Hopefully, this provides some context. I didn’t mean to write out a mission statement, and this really isn’t one. The website is back online. That’s all.

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