Feat. Alabaster

Published on 13 October 2022 at 13:23

Another chat with a local artist. This time: Alabaster. A threepiece sludge rock’n-roll group from Eindhoven. Over the last couple of weeks I invited myself to their rehearsals. Each time shooting sub par pictures, not asking ‘’real’’ questions, drinking their beer, getting hammered and sorta just hanging out. Jasper (Guitars), Sophie (Drums) & Toby (Bass & Vocals) are very patient. That I can say. They had a lot to say as well. Luckily I got my act together and finally sat my lazy ass behind a PC to finish this interview. I know. I am a fuckin’ amateur. 


Want to see the first time I hang out with Alabaster?  Find that reportage here.

Feat. Jasper, Sophie & Toby a.k.a. Alabaster

Q: You just played your biggest gig 'till now in The Effenaar [2nd edition Club Void], what was that experience like?

Jasper: Really cool. Honestly. For the first time we really felt welcomed as artists instead of just another local band. We had our own dressing room backstage with a shower and fridge which was just amazing. The whole event was well organized. Before the show, I felt really really nervous. But after a beer I was totally fine. I didn’t expect that many people to show up on a Wednesday evening. 



Q: So what’s the next step for the three of you?

Jasper: We’re talking with a producer about maybe recording an EP. Hopefully, we can release something before the end of the year. But that’s all speculation right now. Now we’re simply just waiting to play more gigs. I’ve got a list of 50-60 bars and venues in the country I could contact. But I’d rather have it we would be invited.


Q: Before Alabaster you [Jasper & Toby] already had a project going, what was that all about?

Toby: Together with Robin, the guitarist from Hobo Jobos, we had a few jamsessions. Wrote some riffs & put lyrics to them. Did some more rehearsals, but it didn’t get going since good drummers are hard to find. 


Q: So how did you end up with Sophie then?

Toby: I know her, and her father for a really long time now. Our dads worked together in an organic supermarket and then I started working there too.  By chance, Sophie and I bumped into one another at an afterparty and we decided it would be a good idea to jam. So we invited Jasper along and the rest is history.


Q: Alabaster is quite the name. How did you end up picking that one?

Sophie: All Them Witches have a song called Alabaster. They are one of my all time favorite bands and while scrolling through lists and lists of songs on my spotify that one jumped out.

Jasper: Yeah, we tried out like 50 different names....

Toby:...because yours all sucked. I really liked ''Almighty Tentacle.''

Jasper: Sure, but that makes us sound like a hentai group. 

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