Photoverses: Enter

Published on 13 July 2020 at 12:00

Location: Yarra Ranges National Park, VIC

Words and visuals by L.J. van Eijck

Enter the cold, the damp, the rotten

Enter the forest of gum giants and ferns

Enter the solitude, the doubts, the hurt

Open that door and enter my son

Walk the road layn in earthly gravell

Walk the streets until you’re red and sore

Walk this path even if you can’t remember

Why it is you started walking at all

Sit among your fellows and gather

Knowledge and stories of dreams come and gone

Sit among your teachers and lovers

Listen, don’t talk and embrace what is to come

Close the door to the righteous and entitled

Close the door to whom claim to know God

Close the door to the phony, the rotten

Close and enter Kingdom Come.

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