Photoverses: The Arsonist

Published on 29 June 2020 at 12:06

Location: Snowy River National Park, VIC

Words and visuals by L.J. van Eijck

Down the car creeps into the valley

Signs twisted bend towards different directions

The sky above as brilliant as ever

Around me a pallet of  deep Greens, Brown and Black

Sticks and stones and broken homes 

Fire ate through fences and spat out bleeding hearts

Bleeding hearts, the wicked embers 

The wicked embers, seedlings in the sky

Sons lost to mothers grasped by tempest’s claws

Big frog Tiddalik grows thirstier by the year

Farmers shocked grasp their plows

Wambeen strikes again, thunder works the land 

His hands etched into the landscape

Bloated tarmac cracks 

Down in the valley the ground still breathes 

Crimson heat beneath

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