Photoverses: Living in a vacuum

Published on 4 May 2020 at 11:59

Location: Mt. Martha, VIC

Words and visuals by L.J. van Eijck

Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO400 - f4- 1/250 

Brain fizz 

Waiting on the sun to clear the fog

Only squares and talking mouths provide information

It’s quiet on the streets, it’s all too…..

Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO200 - f2.8 - 1/250 

Cameras captured moments, now they capture all

Tracker data, tin foil case studies and new avenues

Salvation in occupation with presumed authoritarian intent

Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO200 - f2.5.6- 1/125 - Double exposure

Staying level headed while the world is at a tilt

Complying, for sake of humanity, out of free will?

Fine, I’ll pay the price Jack

Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO200 - f2.8 - 1/4000

Better start thinking mate

Better start now


Don't throw it away

Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO200 - f5.6 - 1/250 

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