Blog: Proceed

Published on 8 March 2021 at 12:10

The second & final instalment where I tip my toes into flash photography. Through trial and error I embark on a quest to learn new skills in preparation for my new upcoming project. This time I brought along some audio gear to mess around. Give it a listen & proceed.

Audio mastered by Wim Wouters

Johan’s front door is ajar. Painters are up on ladders sanding down the exterior. The door is freshly painted in a coat of dark red. Carefully, I step inside and announce my arrival.

In I walk with a fresh buzz cut, a black fleece sweater, complementary track pants, hiking boots and a huge 65 liter backpack with light stands strapped to both sides. Good thing me and Johan go way back. It was a sight.

Honestly, I wanted to do some serious, semi dramatic black and white portraits. Johan was all aboard and keen to give suggestions. It took a little bit of time, but we nailed the portrait where he is holding the bass guitar. All worth the trouble.  I managed to loosen up creatively about a half hour later. We took a quick lunch break and I feel the best photos were made quickly thereafter. The juices were flowing and the shoot became more a collaboration instead of photographer directing and model posing. Low blood sugar = no bueno

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