About the DomjochBlog

The DomjochBlog is like 99% percent of all the other Photography blogs out there. The 1% that makes it special is truly remarkable. Posts that more and more resemble journal entries and honestly show my progression in the field of professional photography. 

Photoverses fill time and space between projects. One paragraph miniature essays where prose rules and experimentation is the standard. The only rule to the format is in it's capacity. Max. 5 images and no more than 200 words. The motto; ARAMTBB

Feat. is the place where I engage with - & feature other artists  from various fields and disciplines whom I have met and photographed.

Blog: Roll With It

Quite a thing, going from a grey soggy winter to saturated sunshine in a weeks time. Sure, I’ll probably skip the 20 hour layover next time around, but you just gotta roll with it.

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