Photoverses: Night prowler

Published on 25 August 2021 at 18:10

Locations: Stratumseind -, PSV Stadium Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Words and visuals by L.J. van Eijck

This town doesn’t like disguises

In her streets there are no masks to hide

When you try to trick her outright

Only yourself you will find

Hang up your coat mr. invisible man

And have a drink on the house

Please mind the mirror

Please mind the mirror

Glass in hand and a game on tonight

Sip cold brew to stop thinking alright

Nonsense about making a stew

without grandma’s recipe to guide me

Let’s walk to the stadium and peak inside

The gates barring the masses from the cheap

Roars resonating to below from above

The pitch brightly lit

Sacks of emptied hope flood outside

No more dreams of conquering europe

Alone we walk ourselves

Back home

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