Photoverses: Come what(ever) may

Published on 15 March 2021 at 12:00

Location: Riethoven, The Netherlands

Transcription of Stone Sour live at Luzhniki Moscow, Russia on 18.10.06

Words by Corey Taylor

*Drums & audience cheering*


CT: Let me see you put your fucking hands together!

Can you understand what I am saying out there Moscow?

Well if not

Then who ever can understand what I am saying

I want you to explain this to the person next to you

CT: Okay!

Give me some fucking lights!


C’mon I want to see everyones fucking hands together

This next song…….is dedicated… George W. Bush

CT: C’mon keep it up

This is a song about real fucking freedom

Are you with me!


*Crowd roars*


Let me see those fucking hands stay together c’mon!

We are going to send a fucking message… every motherfucker who wants to take away our fucking freedom

CT: Are you ready!

Very good

Then here we go. This is Come whatever may!

Tags: Leica M9 Zeiss Elections Posters Abstract Political Black White Tin Tinted Flash 50mm Portrait Detail Local Hometown Night Mixed Media

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