Motion: Test1 [NotaFan]

Time to expand. Time for another narrative. At least, a different way to convey narrative. Time to experiment with motion. 


New mediums require new software in the digital age and I need to familiarize myself with them. There really isn’t a reason why I am working in Davinci apart from that it works for me. Resolve seems very fun to explore and overall bug-free. That’s pretty much all I need right now. I mean, shooting in 4k with cinema glass is fine, but what use is it if I can’t edit a sequence? My current set-up will accommodate 1080p video - so that’s what I’ll work with. 


No ground breaking tips and tricks to be found in here. Just a test video you can watch by clicking the image below. Please: don’t subscribe, don’t leave a like and forget about ringing that fucking bell. I mean it.

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