Blog: Keep telling myself it's alright

Published on 5 June 2022 at 21:55

So summer has arrived and I am at the end of my wit. Mentally I feel properly burned out. The cracks are showing. They are open and bare. And funnily enough, I am keeping composure. Though barely.   

The last couple of weeks were the straws that broke my poor old camel's back. I had failed to realize that I had been hurt, had been for a while, and was pretty much alright with that. An honest mistake. A simple mistake. 

Nothing much to dwell on. Seeing I am not in need of making amends. And maybe therein lies my problem. There’s no need. Or I don’t feel a need. Not really sure how that all pans out on the good ‘ole scale of self. 

Guess I just like to say I am not having a good time.

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