Blog: King for a day

Published on 25 September 2021 at 14:10

12th September - Riethoven, The Netherlands

It’s a warm sunny afternoon for September. St. Anna’s Guild in Riethoven is hosting the annual ‘’Koningschieten voor Groot Bergeijk. [A Catholic tradition where local militia or guilds compete in a marksman competition] After the opening ceremony and parade through the host’s village the five respective Kings compete for the Municipal Crown. Each taking turns shooting a ‘’Gaai’’ [mock-up bird made out of wood] hoping to topple it from a high pole. The first to succesfully achieve this wins. After 44 shots the Gaai made her first and last short flight to the ground. The title stayed in Riethoven, the hometown King, Jack v. Eijck, from St. Anna’s guild delt the final shot.

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