Blog: Dark horse

Published on 14 August 2021 at 15:37

Last year I sold all the film cameras I owned. I hardly used them. They didn’t bring anything different to the table, apart from that ‘’esthetique.’’And moreover shooting analog didn’t fit into my workflow in any way. So how big of a moron am I to buy another one? 

Well not too long ago this boy fell for the biggest journo cliché in the books; rangefinders. Quirky unassuming little cameras engineered with german precision and built like a brick. Luckily these wunderwaffens come in a digital variety nowadays and that was all the excuse I needed. Though that wasn’t enough. Because bigger is better, and Fuji made a series of rangefinders throughout the 70’s & 80’s dubbed ‘’The Texas Leica.’’ So I bought one. Clearly I’m an idiot.

Dark horse

Location & date: Camping de Lytste Brekken, Friesland - August 7th 2021

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