Blog: 7 innings down south

Published on 15 July 2021 at 15:57

Sunday July 11th, Veldhoven's All In Senioren team arrives at HSCM Maastricht in the early afternoon. The ballplayers are excited to play their second game in another season delayed by COVID.



Two meager innings at the start of the game cost All In 6 runs without any actual run support for starting pitcher Bram v.d. Steur. After three the score is 6-1 in favour of the home team. However during the next two innings All In score 5 and hold Maastricht at 2 runs. At bottom of the fifth, Maastricht on top, 8-6. But the sixth becoming a real bleed out inning for the visiting team. Defensive errors and good hitting giving Maastricht a comfortable lead. Final score, 13 -6, HSCM Maastricht taking the W.

C. Starting pitcher Bram v.d. Steur warming up before the ball game

Reportage - 7 innings down south

C.  On route to Maastricht, driver: Thomas Senders

C. Secure the bag, Thomas Senders

C. Arrival at the baseball field. Luuk Bazelmans (l), Andy Maduro (c), Bram v.d. Steur (r)

C. Jump the fence. 

C. Warming up in the outfield.

C. Pre-game pep talk.

C. Mirin', Bram v.d. Steur

C. Portrait of Jeremy Pengel, coach All in Veldhoven Senioren.

C. Starting pitcher for Maastricht, David (c), at bat Luuk Bazelmans (l)

C. Father & son, Rob van Kollenburg (l) & Justin '' ''(r)

C. Transition image of the visitors dug-out.

C. All In Veldhoven take the field. 

C. First basemen Robertson Sno (r) greeting #33 Henriquez (l) after reaching first on a single

C. Relief pitcher Luuk Bazelmans (c) making eye contact with baserunner #33 Henriquez (r)

C. Quiet bench. Moral dropped around the 6th inning for All In Veldhoven

C. On deck Thomas Senders (r), at bat Luuk Bazelmans (l)

C. Portrait of Andy Maduro. Watching on as Maastricht drives in 4 more runs to solidify their lead.

C. Called strike on the inside of the plate, batter; Andy Maduro (l)

C. Red vs. blue.

C. End of game. Maastricht the winner scoring 13 runs. 

C. Post-game discussion led by coach Jeremy Pingel (c) 

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