Blog: Bibiti Babiti

Published on 20 June 2021 at 14:36

Kanaleneiland, Utrecht

A late afternoon on a wednesday in June


Turn for turn Allisio, Gosse, Gudo, Mano & their friends hurl themselves off a four stair. Most of them riding on their Bibiti Babiti Boards. A brand created by Allisio, Gosse & Gudo to support their passion for skateboarding and provide unique ‘’artsy’’ boards for fellow skateboarders. The B.B.B. Crew took me and videographer Mick along for the evening. We hit a few sport all around Kanaleneiland. All of us either getting beat up by the pavement or the blazing sun. Along the way chilling and drinking a few too many lukewarm beers.

Spot 1: Amerikalaan

C. Left: Videographer Mick. Right: Filming - Mano

Spot 2: Prins Clausbrug

C. Rolling down bevrijdingslaan to the AH 

Spot 3: Kanaalweg

C. Gosse with camera in hand

C. Gosse getting a ride from Allisio

Spot 4: Three block

BBQ at the Pier

Bibiti Babiti Boys

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