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Published on 23 February 2021 at 22:29

I tip my toes into flash photography. Through trial and error I embark on a quest to learn new skills in preparation for my new upcoming project. 

It’s 08:00 AM. I’m hungover and waiting outside my friends house. The car is running on the driveway and I made it just in time to pick him up. That sunday morning he agreed to model for me in exchange for good company and lunch. The food turned out alright, me on the other hand……

Alright. The setup consisted of; a single speedlight inside a large octabox with diffusion and a dish reflector to bounce some fill light back onto the subject. Pretty much all the gear I own at the time of writing this post. If you’re here for a flash tutorial or how-to, I’m sorry, this ain’t it. Instead check out Robert Hall Photography's playlist. You’re welcome

As one might expect, no real real prep went into making these images. My friend was very gracious with his time and moreover patient. This gave me adequate opportunity to experiment and try and get a feel for the workflow.

All in all what I took away from this experience is that flash photography is easy…..yeah. Sure it takes a bit of research, but how can one state the contrary if a hungover twenty-some can pull this off on a sunday at 09:00 AM. 

If you are thinking about giving speedlights and/or studio photography a try. Just do it…...just don’t party the night beforehand. That’s all.

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