Blog: Pretty done

Published on 27 October 2020 at 18:55

I’m well and done, not baked, at least not anymore.

Feeling pretty close yourself?  Here’s how to get there without overcooking.

Just don’t burn your fingers alright. 

The one and only Domjoch recipe:


Start with a 25 year old male, 85 kg, 183cm

A high protein diet of around 3800kcal

200 mg cafeïne 

3 grams creatine

Tons of multivitamins


8 hours of sleep

9 hours at the job

1 hour in transit

5 hours open….ended


Rigoureuse exercise 

sets and reps

volume and mass



Cure for 1-3 months 

season with a bit of flirtation with the opposite sex 

let it air 


a pinch more social interactions


Et voilà! 


Pretty Done…..


….., results may vary for you.

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