Blog: Best of Q2 2020

Published on 6 July 2020 at 12:41

What a time to be alive, and kicking, kicking ass. April started off with sitting on the beaches near the Great Ocean Road (Photoverses: I sat by the ocean) and you joined me in the self isolation on the Mornington Peninsula (Photoverses: Living in a vacuum). Plans fell through, lessons were learned, skills acquired and new projects arose. So, through some good guidance and more by accident than by design I’m finding new ways to express. Shedding light onto-, putting into words-, kicking ass.


Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO200 - f11 - 1/250

One early afternoon on my road trip I visited Mount Buller and decided to continue my journey as it had started, a long detour. Winding mountain roads turned to long stretches channeling through luscious green valleys. While being perfectly content with driving the way I came, Google Maps’ navigation had a different plan. Guiding me over gravel tracks, through paddocks and past homesteads I literally rolled into this scene.  (Originally appeared in:Blog: Wandering on)


Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO800 - f5.6 - 1/200

Part of testing out the new Fuji camera was to see how inconspicuous it’s small & silent form factor really is. So along it went; on the streets, for groceries and shopping for basic supplies (Photoverses: This is how it goes). Camera clutched to my hips, pre focussed, hoping for the best. Here is the one in one hundred. A genuine expression, great body language and a decent exposure overall.

First light - PANORAMA 

Canon 5D mkii - Canon EF 70/200mm f4 L - ISO100 - 70mm - f8 - 1/5 s -Panorama composite

Halfway through april I did a series of panoramas under different lighting conditions (Blog: Before Tomorrow Comes) . Due to luck being on my side once again all were taken in a span of two days. The first light being among my favorite. In the distance on the hills behind Arthur’s Seat you see the morning fog rolling out. Brilliant warm red light touching the tops of the gumtrees and the roofs of the houses below in Safety Beach.


Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO200 - f5.6 - 1/125

One early afternoon I walked down Mt. Martha bored out of my mind. Two kids on push bikes charged down the hill at breakneck speeds, not exaggerating, outrunning boredom like Bolt takes a crack at the hundred meter dash. A backlit out of focus shot was all I managed to get. So, I did not capture a portfolio shot, not in the slightest. Still when I look at this picture I feel a great sense of excitement.

Bruce Rd.

Fujifilm X100s - 23 mm - ISO200 - f8- 1/125

Sunset shots, overdone and horrible cliché. So why bother putting one in my top five?! Because I believe this is “well executed” and “not shot on a whim.” See for yourself (Blog: Make yourself). This picture is part of a series captured during sunset (note: during) and my focus was the capture color contrast and vibrancy. Consequently I pushed the pictures towards this direction in post and was left with this jewell.

Final thoughts

Touching back on the conclusions from last quarter I did that what I had set out to do (Blog: Best of Q1 2020). Namely, work predominantly in Black and White, Manual Metering and have the camera in my hands as often I can. Slowly and steadily I feel like not only my photography is progressing, but also the way I try and convey these stories here. 

Australia has been kicking my ass for the most part, I’ve been up, I’ve been down, yet this blog has kept me steady. Something that at the very start I couldn’t fathom I would be able to do. With every ass kicking comes a lesson, and surely I got many an asswhoping to go. For the next couple of months I’ll be dodging, weaving and slipping my way from story to story.


“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” - Muhammed Ali

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