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Published on 22 June 2020 at 12:06

At a crossroads

Not soon after embarking I knew I was living the dream. Trunk packed to the brim with camera gear and camping equipment. An ‘’eskie’’ full with food, coffee, thee and instant hot choco. And if I would find myself in poor company, a couple of magazines and a journal to boot. Though, for soon after the odometer passed 400 km's I found myself at a crossroads. The literal kind, stuck between two valleys, as well as the figurative. Granted, that took a little longer to figure out.

Glen Valley

Like any ‘’goin’ against the grain’’ kinda fellow like myself, first, I turned left. Glen valley the destination, expectations dialed to zero and when arriving, my mind, blown! Driving through the valley I came across a few scattered cattle farms. Along the banks of the river cows were camly grazing. My trusty V6 powered coupe purred on as I was gaining back elevation soon to be greeted by forested hills hugging snow capped mountains. In bewilderment I parked the car next to an empty field and saw a lonesome tree shadowed by a towering hill. There it was, my shot, Glen Valley. 

Omeo Valley

I stayed on in Glen valley for an hour, taking more shots, like you do. Finally, got back on the road and headed back towards the crossroads I had found myself prior. This time I went on, right on, to Omeo. The vegetation disappeared, the hills rolling out into what further on would be the flatlands and 10 km’s outside of Omeo, the vista. Clouds darting shadows over the grass hills, the golden afternoon sun to my side warming the side of my face and again I squeezed off a few exposures. The final composition using the gullies in the valley to guide the eye towards the overcast hills on the horizon.

To where roads collide 

Living the dream. Out on my own driving through the best the State has to offer. A full tank of petrol, cranking Kvelertak over the car stereo and two cameras on the passenger seat. Deep in the back of my mind a storm started brewing, not all was spotless and a deep anxiety slowly seeped in through the cracks. Questions like; ‘’What will I do when this is over?’ or better put ‘’How long do I keep this up?’’ Questions I didn’t have an answer to, still don’t. And until I do, I’ll keep wandering on, to where roads collide.

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4 years ago

Mooie foto's hoor!!! Genietze (al denk ik dat dat overbodig is om te zeggen)