Blog: Distant Flame

Published on 30 March 2020 at 12:00

The government Down-Under has sprung into action like most of the Western World. Doomsday preppers are laughing their asses off while their neighbours are scrambling for basic supplies in the stores. 

So the Dutch backpacker needs to be a little creative in altering his holiday plans. So far so good, at least, when this blog is posted I’m already a week into my 8 day solo hike along the Great Ocean Walk. Probably by that time very much looking forward to a shower and doing some laundry. Who knows what future me will find once back in civilisation. 

More and more restriction are being placed by authorities and the past seems just a distant flame. Hopefully we all will find ourselves able to find that guiding light that helps us reach the shore.

Visit to Cape Schanck Lighthouse - 21st March

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